Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Lovephant

The Lovephant is a whimsically cute fairy animal. An elephant 6cm x 6cm needlefelted out of pure wool, carrying a love package, a bright and stunning red heart!

A lovely soft toy with no hazardous parts suitable for all ages, for baby and kids room decoration, for your collection of animals, a little happy creature to enchant kids' playing with positive energy!

For a bigger amount of lovephants, feel free to convo me, and I'll be happy to make them for you.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Villager

Hello friends! Once I'm back in my studio, I've been catching up with the rpg player character section of my shop. So here is A villager.

A needle felted art doll, made out of pure wool, in colours of black, brown, fuchsia and red. A delicate lady stands as a piece of fiber art, measuring 5cmX15cm tall.

With her warm colours she will make a great addition as a home garnment, and also will she be great for kids' room decoration.

With no hazardous parts this art doll is a great soft toy for all ages.

With a little of your love and she will be a friend around the house! 

This villager can also serve as an RPG player character. For custom orders, feel free to communicate with me and I'll be happy to create the rpg character you need.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Red Bow, Hair Piece

Hello craftsy bloggers! Autumn is here and we can spirit up greyness of the season, with touches of sparkling colours! These I've been thinking while needle felting this red bow hair garnment. 

It is a needle felted, handmade hair piece, for stylish ponytails. A large red bow that will keep you fresh and beautiful, and will lighten up your mood, in the dull winter to come.

It is made out of pure red wool, and a olive green elastic band.

Perfect for a retro touch in your wardrobe, for colour contrasts in your styling, for vintage lady mood.

The red bow is large, and measures 11cm x 6cm tall.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Teddy watching TV

Funky turquise needle felted teddy bear, that watches favourite TV programme. An one of a kind handmade soft toy, or kid's room decoration. Perfect for fantasy loving adults' collection also.

The needle felted woolen light blue teddy, is 7cm x 6cm tall.

With its luminous colours the fiber art teddy bear, triggers a lot of creative playing.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Fleeting Man

Greetings to all the blogger's company. It's been a while since I met you here in the blogosphere. It has been a busy and beautiful summer here in Greece, I hope you all had a great summertime. Autumn is here, and I've been working in my studio again. So here is the Fleeting Man!

He is selling goodies to the forest' s passengers. He is the Fleeting Man. Needle felted woodland's art doll, great for children's room decoration, soft toy, or fantasy loving adult's home decor.

One of a kind fiber art fantasy figure, for your collection of characters, elves, dwarfs, goblins and monsters.

Art toy to be used as a fairy tale character. Boost your kids' imagination with fiber art dolls, to accompany your story telling, and engage them into creative playing.

The fleeting man is 6cm x 7cm tall.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Ballerina Fairy Rabbit!

Hello friends! How was your weekend? I had a beach day trip and several meetings with beloved people, along with studio working and reading some books. Summer is all over, and the mood is bright and romantic! Feeling like this, there came the Ballerina Fairy Rabbit! I hope you like it, cause I can tell you I fell in love with her! :-)

The mini fiber art sculpture, is meant to be a girl's favorite. Needle felted treasure toy or home decor, she sweetens with whimsical touch a fantasy room's corner. Great addition to a girl's room - said the almost 30 year old girl :-)!  She is soft, light and romantic, holding a small pink little heart and wearing a chiffon skirt, closed with art yarn. She spreads the love as a pocket toy, a fairy animal miniature art doll to carry with you.

She loves to dance and feels like partying! 
With her candy white and pink colors, girly mood and love message, it's also a great anniversary gift for her. 

The needle felted ballerina rabbit, is an art animal doll, that measures 9x6 cm. If you need her mate as a wedding cake topper, don't hesitate to ask for a custom order. You can always mail me or find me here! I'd love to experience where your imagination would take me!

That was weekend's work! So, off I go to another studio session right now! Do stay in touch! I'd love to hear from you! Are you a Facebook fan? I am too. Here I meet with other friends, if you want to join us!

Thanks for passing my blog! I wish you a wonderful week!!! :-)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toadstool Mushroom Bookmark for whimsical Readings!

I've started reading a beautiful book these days, and it was then that I realized that I'm out of bookmarks. While digging in the world of China Mieville, I got the idea of creating a bookmark series for my etsy shop. This is my first one. Needle felted, from top to bottom, it holds colorful secrets.. :-)

There's a 2D toadstool mushroom at the lower edge, that's made in color of forest greens, while a 3D mushroom sits on the top, and pop out of the book, to indicate your reading page, but also jewel your bookshelf, while the book is set aside.

Bookmarks are imagined and handmade as an addition to the other Back to School supplies, and whimsical school and office accessories in my etsy store. However, they also do a great gift for a book lover and fantasy loving adult. Collectors will love them. 

The needle felted toadstool mushroom bookmark is a little piece of library fiber art. It measures 15x4 cm, when the popping out of the book mushroom's height is 3cm. Teresa Leaym was so king as too feature it in her treasury list "School is too cool..." Thank you so much Teresa, I love it! :-)

I do accept custom orders, so if you have a favorite theme or scenery in mind, I'd love to hear what you would come up with, and work along to bring your imagination to life! Here is what comes next to this series. It's a Heart Bookmark! We will catch up with it in a following post!

The book I'm reading is very special! I love its plot, world and characters. Un Lun Dun is a young adult fantasy novel by China Miéville, released in 2007. The title is derived from 'UnLondon,' the name of the alternate realm where the book is set. It also contains illustrations by Miéville. I strongly suggested to fantasy lovers, as a great summer reading! 

Thank you for stopping by my friends, and wish you all a wonderful sunday! :-)
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pastel smiles and a full moon!

Taking some days off unexpectedly, turned out to be a perfect opportunity to share some wonderful moments with beloved ones. Full moon, kept coloring the sky in a tenderly dreamy pink, while lots of chit chat, chinese food - one of my favorite world cooking, and some wine were placed under the bare starry sky, at the garden table! It was as a romantic night as you can think. :-)

I kept thinking after waking up this morning, how many simple things we miss while we rush to catch up with everything in a day. I'll be letting more personal life in, no matter what, from now on and forever, I said to myself.. Brings a lot of smiles, and spreads the love to outer space. :-) Not a great philosophy I'm revealing here, just simple thoughts that we always leave behind, forever having something more serious to deal with, that only a right hand having a deep cut, can win us time to realize. :-) So there. 
There were two Fairy Tale days. Tah dah!

There came the afternoon siesta, and feeling very rejuvenated and peacefully happy, I had some time to spare and logged in for an Etsy walk. No creations can be made these days, so I could just wander around the etsy's community and admire some beautiful art. I have one treasury list to share with you that I curated, and that includes a smile and an inducement! Take your look to the stars more often! :-) Here it is! It's called Love me tender in the sunset!! I hope you enjoy!

I was also that lucky today to have two of my creations treasured by the Etsy's  fellowship! It's always a wonderful surprise to get notified that something you've made with so much love, has been chosen and grouped to another person's favorites! 

One of my whimsical Hair pieces made it to a very playful and happy treasury list called life's Give it a look, It will cheer you up with its vivid colors! In the second treasury list, the balloon gnome pencil topper made himself at home, feeling great among beautiful things. He comfortably sits in the list cute in grey! Thank you so much Natassa and Kasia!!

That was all for today! Remember to strongly love, and to dream tenderly often and always!

Thank you for passing by, wishing you hearty laughing and many special moments! :-)

School Time!

I remember when I was a kid, the eagerness I felt when school days where close after a refreshing summer! Friends I was going to meet again, school yard adventures, new classes, school trips and that feeling of achievieng a grow up! 

Of course all the excitement went bigger pondering on all new things to come. New school mates, new teachers, new books, but also new bags, pencils, markers, note books, and so on. A kid just can't help it. School adventures are always connected with all these school supplies and accessories, along with other memories.

My most intense memory there, from beautiful back to school days, was the smell of paper in new books. A true love story that never went away. Even today, when I hold a book for the first time, I totally enjoy how the air gets scented by papers full of stories! Many are my childhood's readings that I still remember. If I was to pick out one? That could be Roald Dahl's, The BFG. I laughed so much with this book back then, never forgot it.

Of course this wonderful season time couldn't be missed by etsy's creative community! Many artists give their best to make it a truly unique experience! Melissa was so kind to feature my Goldfish Pencil Topper, in her "School Days" Treasury list. Thank you so much Melissa!

Do you have a school memory you' d like to share? I'd love to hear all about it! 

Thank you for passing by friends! Wish you happy readings and a wonderful day! :-)