Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Forest Man: Fiber sculpted fairy art doll!

Hello friends!
Welcome to Green Dot's whimsical world! Here you can create your very own fairy tale, and indulge your home into twinkles of fairy woodlands!

This post is about the journey of the wise forest man. He is a needle felted fantasy art doll, in colours of purlle, peach, cream and forest green. For the final forest gnome figure, apart from wool and merino wool, there have been used, vintage antique cream- brown buttons,raffia, and a precious sea shell.

Let's start with a glimpse of the steps of his creation:

This is day one when basically facial features are worked, and contemplation on how the fairy creature shall come to life and take part in a great fairy tale!

In day two he took his sitting position. It was then that it was decided that he would interact with the forest's passengers. Should he help somehow? Inform them about something? Offer them something straight out of his world's whimsy? We will see this later. Up to then he definitely started taking position into the forest with his gnome hat ending in swirling needle felted branch.

At day for the fairy art figure has almost got his character. Arms being formed to their final position, he would be a carrier of a treaure! 

And there he is finished and happy! 

Now let's try to have an eye on his story. He knows many woodlands' fairy secrets. He has been travelling all over the enchanted realm of the gnomes and fairies. He carries a magic spell treasure, a magical hint to the unraveling of his well kept secret world. He will help the passengers going through the mystical forest by offering a spellbound miniature toadstool mushroom, that he has brought from his adventure at the seashore into a fairy shell. The forest man has beautiful contrasting long black hair, his hat is ending with a leaf branch, where a miniature needle felted leaf is also embellishing his right shoulder. Feel free to accept his offerings and his company around your house. He is sure to enchant any corner that will be given to him! This item is not suitable for children under 7 years old! For older kids though it is a perfect addition to imaginary playing! The forest man art doll is also a beautiful way to decorate a kid's room, and boost his imagination with whimsical surroundings!

The needle felted fiber sculpture is a perfect gift for fairy tale lovers of all ages, for people that are font of woodlands' adventures, on its own or as a part of a whole great story that you can create as you imagine, combining other Green Dot's Studio fairy figures, scenery or accessories.

His measurements are:
3.14 inches wide
4.72 inches tall

The miniature toadstool mushroom that he carries in the beautiful sea shell measures:
0.19 inches wide
0.5 inches tall

The red needle felted set of toadstool mushrooms, do not come with the forest man figure! It is a fairy art mushroom set that is embelished with a fresh water pearl and you can find it among other whimsical scenery items here:

Are you in a dreaming mood? Looking for some magic into your every day life? Do you love fairies, faiy tales and woodlans? Are you a fantasy fun? You are in the right place! 

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Thank you for stopping by and wish you all the fairy best!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Work in progress: Forest fairy friend!

Goodmorning! New forest friend lays around Green Dot's Studio. Main body is almost finished, now the interesting part comes next. What his character will be? His accessories? His purpose in the fairy tale? Haven't decided on these yet! Working on him and thinking! It would be fantastic to hear your ideas, and maybe incorporate some at the final fairy figure! Sipping coffee, and wishing you a wonderful day!

Time for magic!!! :-)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Needlefelted toadstool mushrooms fairy scenery!

Hello friends! 

Scenery is the new addition in Green Dot's studio, and here is the first Fairy tale toadstool mushroom scenery, to add detail to your whimsical world.

Fiber sculpture art, the mushroom set is needle felted out of pure wool, with a fresh water pearl adding shine and elegance to the whole picture. 

Select among needle felted whimsical scenery items, and build your whimsical world from scratch, as you will decide and imagine! Bring magic to your home with dreamy fantasy home decor.

All items are perfect for children's room as well. Suitable as art toys, for kids over 7 years old. 

The toadstool mushrooms set will enhance your personal fairy tale with a woodlands touch! 

It measures 3.8 inches long 
2.8 inches tall
2.8 inches wide

The needle felted fairy art doll is not included. Her name is Chloe and you can learn more about her here:

I would really like you to be able to customize the fairy art world that you can create, so feel free to contact me for any custom items you would like to have! I will be glad to help and work along with you!

Thank you for stopping by, and wish you all the best!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chloe - Needle felted woodlands Fairy

Chloe is finally finished. She is such a charming and playfull fairy lady, ready to bring sparkles of a fairy tale to your home, and take you into an adventure in a magical wonderland. Chloe is a charming nymf of the woodlands. She carries dreams and love.

Needle felting is a process of fiber sculpting. If you intend to use Chloe as an art toy, treat her with love. She will come as an addition to your imaginative playing after a lots of hours of carefull handcrafting.

In colours of teal, orange and petrol blue, she adds harmonic contrasts of bright colours and enhances any spot of your house. Her pose is playfull, while leaning with joyfullness she could be waiting to welcome a friend around.

A vintage antique button, with a retro touch of gold colour embracing a resin sparkling cabochon, serves as a fairy pendant. Crochet trimmings are laid as the necklace cord, and a delicate border at the edge of the dress. Material used for crocheting is a mixture of mohair and pure wool.

Wool is the basic material of the whole of the needle felted art doll. Synthetic orange fiber serve as Chloe's hair, that flow down her body with elegant movement.

Chloe is 5.9 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide.
Vintage gold button's diameter is 0,8 inches.

She is firmly needlefelted and will stand on her own.

Chloe is a beautiful art doll, perfect for a fairy, whimsical, woodlands touch to your surroundings. 

For more needle felted art creations please visit my shop


Feel free to ask any question about anything that might consider you and I will be glad to help.

Here is Chloe, in an adventure trip to the spring garden where narcisus bulbs are ready to bloom! 

Flower greetings from her!

Thank you for stopping by and wish you all the best!!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Relaxing with acrylics!

It's a spare time post this time my friends, hoping you are feeling good whatever you do! 

In general I wouldn't say I can paint well enough! I do like to play with colours whatsoever, as well as trying mediums techniques, materials and ideas. There are times, usually late at night that I feel the urge to empty my mind or just relax along with some nice music in the backround, just doing things I like, even if I can't do them like a pro. 

Good news is that my husband is a painter, so lots of new tools and other interesting stuff lay around my new house, so I can play and experiment more! So happy for this part of our relationship! :-)

Sometimes I art journal, sometimes I just paint, or write, or craft with whatever comes in hand. This time it was a little painting that took play, acrylics on gesso, and here came my tree picture. 

Kind of liked it and felt like sharing it with you! 

One day, I'd like to be able to draw and paint better, I guess I'll be taking some lessons from V, my husband when he feels patient enough! Luckily he is a patient man in general! :-) 

I love green colour. It always bears a spirit of hope within me. Maybe I'll keep this litlle tree in view, somewhere in my house. Just to keep me trying getting better in things I' d like to. 

Afterall, when creating stuff, everything is all about having Fun!! Isn't?

Hope you have a great day, and wish you all the best!!! :-)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chloe almost there!

Hello friends! New year is on the go and I hope you all cope well, feel creative and most dreamy about every second of your everyday life. Shiny warm weather makes the nature look beautiful around my little studio here in Crete, Greece. Bright luminous colours of green gardens with early blooms and trees full of ready to harvest oranges sparkle behind the window that sits on my work desk. That's a great motive to stay creative in the mornings. ;-)

Same thing happened yesterday when I started working on Chloe. Sipping coffee and staring at the free of clouds bright blue sky, surrounding a beautiful orange tree, I started thinking on the combination of blue and orange colours. Then came Chloe's dress embelished with a crocheted round border, and a vintage antique button as her charm necklace. Mayby it can sparkle magic, who knows? :-)  Chloe is a needlefelted fairy lady, made out of a merino wool ang crochet fibers, to be used as delicate enchanted home decor, as an art doll or a soft toy fro children of all ages, with no hazardous parts to threaten them. She is 100% handmade with tons of love so I wish you will enjoy the result. 

Here you can have a glimpse at her a step before her total figure is completed. Arms are coming next, change in body gesture, and decorative details that I'm still thinking of. 

What do you think? 
I'd love to hear from you!

For more handmade items, art toys, handmade home decor, school supplies, as well as enchanted wearable accessories you can check out my etsy shop.

Thank you for stopping by and wish you all the best!!!