Saturday, August 2, 2014

And something personal to share ~ Our love story!

I've been away for a while, settling down to great beginnings. Everybody lives their poem now and then. And this is how ours was captured in some special moments. 

Here is the man that keeps me going, exploring, trying and experimenting, sharing life with me with its ups and downs, and carrying love to its limits. 

We had so much fun that day, at our wedding photo-shooting, and this is why these photos are a great keep shake, to go back and forth, just a reminder of how great a game life is!

We also had a glass of wine out in the Cretan nature! Cheers to all! :-)

I'd say that this is my all time favorite hour of the day. Beautiful colors in the sky but most of all this tranquility at the day's end, when what was there is done, and then you can indulge in the relaxing pace of the night.

We did go around a lot, in old small villages of Crete to have the photos taken. I think this made that day even more special!

Of course, hugs are always a good way to go through everything, don't you think?

Beautiful summer sunshine here! 

Playing, laughing, surprising... Necessary ingredients for some life's magic!

Throwing away those high heels makes life even happier, at least that certainly works for me! :-)

And that was it! Some sparkle of love to brighten up the day.  I wish you live whatever you are happy with!

I'm happy to have shared this with you! 


Wish you a good day!

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