Monday, August 4, 2014

August: Adventure Time!

What better a month than August to roam ourselves into great adventures! After all, isn't an adventure the best way for us to learn?

There is this special road that we personally choose for ourselves. It is said though, and I'd go with it, that life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations.

Everyday is an adventure. Life itself is an adventure. Travelling is a self educating adventure, and living is a constant travel. Travel far enough and you will meet yourself!

We ourselves are an adventure story! Sometimes we just have to take a step! And finally, we can say that there isn't there a bigger adventure than love.  :-)

I've been thinking on the above a lot yesterday, and had great dreamy talks with my friends also. So when time came for my daily logging in  at Etsy Community, I knew what the theme for a new treasury list should be.  It is in the colors of my next creation. It is a Vintage Style Mixed Media Necklace that I will be able to share with you, once the mediums used are completely dry, and so this jewelry piece can be said to be finished.  

I hope you enjoy, and I wish you never stop exploring!

Good Day to all!

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