Saturday, August 2, 2014

Original Mixed Media Mini Canvas Magnet, and a Free Desktop Art Calendar for August!

Hello friends! As you see there is a turn on Green Dot's Studio at this reentering the art process, after all the wedding stuff and home arranging period in our lives here. I certainly like to experiment and incorporate new mediums in my creating experience so this is the result of it. More vintage items are about to come, as well as jewelry pieces once I have everything ready for it. In winter to come needle felting and the relation with wool will all be in the running again. Months to had come, there is a whole new job for me lately that I really enjoy. I've been creating centerpieces, and amusements for wedding parties and baptisms events, and decorating those wedding halls as well. I might share this part of my life at a point of time with you. How is your summer going? Hoping it is all well, let me keep up with the result of playing with new mediums in my studio. You've seen a couple of items in previous posts. (Mini canvas magnet, Original mixed media vintage art Board)

This post is about an original Mixed Media Mini Canvas Art Piece, Turned into a Magnet for a Vintage, Shabby Chic, Art Nouveau, Rustic, Country Chic Style at Home or Office.

An Art Nouveau Lady is the centerpiece in this 3.5 x 3.5 inches Canvas Mixed Media art Assemblage. A Handmade Flower out of altered synthetic fabric and a Swarovski 4mm Crystal, Vintage Flower Lace Trim at the Bottom of the Canvas, Pearly Decoration on the left, Acrylic colors and crackling antique effect as a background along with antique brown patina complete the Vintage Style Mixed Media Mini Canvas. 

Can Be used as a Handmade Fridge Magnet, or for any other Metallic surfaces. Strong Magnet at the back of the mini magnet ensures that all notes will be stay secured in place.

The Mixed Media Canvas Magnet is coated with Matte Varnish, so it is water resistant but not waterproof. Treat with care!

August is also here. Here is an amazing Free Art Calendar for your August Desktop, to keep up with your schedule and wishes, illustrated by ~Gennine's Art~

Be sure to check my other items as there is free postage and packaging for multiple orders. You can have a look at 

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